Thursday, June 21, 2007

Good Feeding

For some reason this week has had a new variety of dinners. We haven't had spaghetti once.

Monday we had beef burgundy, sans burgundy made instead with a new bottle of red I uncorked just for the dish. Yum. Now I have to figure out what to do with the rest of the bottle, aside from drinking it straight.
Tuesday we had the neighbors over for enchiladas. It needs real enchilada sauce, and she has to use more than one pan so they aren't all squished together, but made with fresh homemade tortillas it was still tasty.
Wednesday I scampied some shrimp. Mmm. And we sided it with a package of fettucini alfredo, something we haven't eaten in nearly a year. We eat very little packaged food for dinner.
Thursday, tonight, we're having chicken and corn chowder with grilled cheese sandwiches. The package mozzarella here is lousy, but the white cheddar is edible. India is not known for its cheese.
And tomorrow will be Sear Fish steaks with potato pancakes. Hardly a traditional meal but I've wanted to make potato pancakes all week and this is the best option I've had to couple it.
OK, I just realized it's a week with a single chicken dish. That's a record for us, I think.
With the rains and the cooler temps (only to 89 today I think) finding an interesting menu seems to be easier. It's when it's really hot out and no one wants to eat anyway where meal planning gets difficult. I'll take the rains.

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