Saturday, October 4, 2008

And.... we're back! Again!

We spent weeks switching over to BSNL. It went out Tuesday night. Ian managed to get it running again Friday night. I'm so over internet access at home, isn't that awful?

Onto the mundane...

Did you know
...the U.S. Embassy in London is planning to move?
...the United States has had representation in Madras/Chennai for 100 years?
...Dale City has a swim club called the "Frogs"? OK, so it doesn't fit in with the other Did You Knows, but it's true, there are loads of swim clubs in Northern Virginia, and the summer swim club for Dale City are the Frogs. The only reason I know this is I'm looking at next summer when we leave Chennai, and Rebecca really wants to continue with swimming. She was bummed she couldn't participate in the SAISA swim meet, and the Frogs have a meet every weekend for 2 months. I can see where my summer would go! There are loads of other swim clubs, some year round. Check out

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