Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Take care of her, please.

A little prayer went up today for our kitten, Raita. She went to the vet to get spayed and didn't survive the surgery. Somehow she aspirated. I did everything I was supposed to - keeping her away from food since 9 last night, keeping her calm in her carrier since 7 this morning without food or water, keeping her warm. The vet said after they put her under and started prepping her she began to froth and when they suctioned some food particles started to come up and she choked. Perhaps she was a slow digester, her tummy was always chubby. Remember when we brought her for an ultrasound because she was so little with a fat tummy we thought she might be pregnant? Just a fat tummy. It seems that even though she was without food for more than 12 hours, she was still full. I didn't know.

Raita was purely Rebecca's cat, Rebecca was Raita's mommy. She would call for Rebecca at bedtime and sleep curled under her chin. She waited by the front door for Becca to return home. She sounded like a Tribble as she chirped and trilled her way around the house, and never could meow properly.

She is missed.

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