Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Magic Carpet Ride

Carpets. They add such a wonderful depth to a room. We never did get a room sized rug as I'd wanted (a good thing as the rooms in our new house are considerably smaller), but our little assortment suits us just fine. The cats love them too. We have two cheapie carpets from Manila, one expensive silk/silk carpet from here, and two midrange wool/cotton carpets also from here. The cats have mangled the wool ones. I don't know what it was about the carpet content or stitching but the edging from both sides of both rugs have been completely torn off with the cats rough playing with the tassles. Senthil, our driver, said no one in Tamil Nadu could fix them, only those from Gujarat could do so properly. But as we returned home from Citi Centre through Boat Club we passed the regular corner carpet salesman. Senthil pulled over and we struck a bargain. The carpet guy said he could do the work in 3 days though when he came to the house with his cart to negotiate a price he offered an exchange. Now, ours may have had crappy edging but they are wool on cotton and worlds better than the stuff he was selling from his corner cart. I'm not too worried that he'll run off with our carpets because Senthil could snap him in half and has taken full charge of this process, along with the neighbor's driver. It was kind of funny actually how they both jumped into the bargaining and managing of the deal. Senthil also said he'd check the quality of repair work first before Ian even got a look at it. We'll see what happens and whether the carpets do show up in 3 days. Ian sweetened the pot by saying if he did do a great job, we'd get his card and pass his info around the Consulate. Possibilities there.

It's a good thing Ian has roughly 260 pounds for his UAB. He's going to need it with all the stuff we're leaving to the last minute for packing.

In other news, more stuff to keep your kids busy this summer:

The Barnes and Noble summer reading program: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/summerreading/ Does anyone know if Borders is doing the same thing?

And I know what to get Rebecca this summer: American Girl: Meet Rebecca

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