Monday, June 1, 2009

Bad cat parents

Day 1 of packout complete. I have to say that as quickly as they did our UAB I expected more progress on the rest of the house. Instead, they haven't finished a room yet.

The kitchen is untouched, the guest bedroom untouched, laundry room untouched, and the entire upstairs? Untouched. The dining/living room is about 2/3 done. And this is all with 7 guys, working 7 hours. I know we have a lot of stuff and they had to build containers for the piano, the bookcase and the new cabinet we bought, but still. Of course, I don't have to do any of this so I really shouldn't complain at all, right?
Fast forward to tonight after another day of Tikka being attached to my leg, to the point of napping in my lap. It was so weird. After dinner Ian asked where Masala was and the last time I'd seen him. Well, last night we moved to the guest room, so no surprise we didn't see him. Today we've had packers from 9:30-5:30 today so I wasn't at all surprised he hadn't shown himself, but it had been a few hours since they'd left and still no sign of him. Usually he'd come out and complain about all the disruption and how we weren't paying attention to him. Nothing. We looked under beds, we listened at all the packed boxes (yes, really), we opened cabinets and checked the pantry, we called over and over.
Outside. Calling, flashlights, more calling. Twenty minutes passed by, Ian remembered that after Thom had his guys pack our stuff into his truck the sunroom door hadn't been locked shut. So actually, over 24 hours had passed by. We figured there was a good chance he hadn't left the compound though. Around the house, around the neighbor houses, checking all the window ledges, where we was the last time he escaped for any length of time. A guard came by knowing we were looking for something and once Ian said cat, he knew which one. Black cat, red collar, in the neighbor's carport, about 30 minutes earlier. Wow. As Ian said it was amazing how quickly he knew what we were looking for, that he was so helpful and the biggest kudo, he was awake. Seriously, getting a guard that's awake is 90% of the battle.
Masala was not in the carport anymore. We circled out further, checked the CGs house and the pool, met back at the middle house and decided to do another circuit there. Calling and calling and more calling.
He's very very dusty and very hungry, but he was back at the middle house sitting on a window ledge behind the wrought iron grill. After a pathetic little meow he came out through the bars and let me carry him home. He doesn't like being carried any distance, but he was OK for the walk and then carefully checked out the destruction in the house.
The balance has returned, but all Ian and I could think was how we are cursed with cats. And how on Earth would we explain losing Masala to the kids??

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