Sunday, May 31, 2009

On the Eeeeeeepc because the Mac is all packd up.

Our house still doesn't look ready for movers. The washing machine has been going all day, the dust is flying, the donation stuff has been picked up. Thank goodness the kids are in school tomorrow, perhaps there will be fewer secondary messes.

(scroll over the photos for the captions)
Yesterday we cleaned the house all morning and went to Sparky's for lunch which was a nice break.
The corner table where we sat when we first started going to Sparky's.
In the evening we attended the end of year school sponsored party at the Park Sheraton for dinner. It's a time to say farewell to departing teachers, eat, and dance. It was a good time.
Today we were part of the 15 person paintballing crew.
Bring 'em on!
Rebecca tries her sights.
Looking at the flag at the 3-2-1 countdown.
Watching the left.
Katherine took one right in the helmet.
Katherine also took one in the neck.
Armed and Happy.
This is more than a bit frightening to look at.
Once we'd finished 5 or 6 games (and black took all of them, I believe), the remaining pellets were given to the kids for some target shooting. It was hilarious and terrifying at the same time.
Last tennis lesson with Coach Siva.
And Rebecca had her last tennis lesson with Coach Siva.
Thom from Sparky's came by and picked up our king mattress, a wardrobe, a CD cabinet full of CDs, a quantity of food from the pantry, and roughly 30 bags of random stuff from clothes to toys to kitchen ware and books. Ian packed up the electronics. There still feels like so much more to do but we're tired now and sleeping in the guest room. Tomorrow it starts.

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