Monday, May 11, 2009

The rat aside, the rest of the weekend was good.

Katherine was gone all weekend to Mumbai with her volleyball team. She had a blast, just like last year. I kind of wish I'd gone to watch since it was my last chance to visit Mumbai (never been) and it would have been fun to watch her play. She really likes volleyball, so I'm glad she's signed up for a beginner/intermediate clinic this summer.

She was gone Thursday morning to Sunday afternoon. Saturday we did our normal Sparky's run for lunch, then had a good time at the Mexicali party that evening. A couple of our Consulate families, who luckily live in a duplex, do a yearly shindig right around Cinco de Mayo. It's adults only with the flowing liquor and blind-folded-manic-stick-waving drunk people attacking a pinata or two. The food was excellent and we left at 10, so it was all good.

The culling continues. Rebecca went through her clothes and gave away roughly 2/3 of them. Today I'll go through Jonathon's clothes. We'll be sure to dispense with all the size 6 clothes (the size 4s and 5s were given away in the fall even if they still fit him) and ensure room for the overalls he says he wants. Overalls? Katherine and Nicholas get a bit of a reprieve because they provide hand-me-downs, though we'll do a once-through anyway.

We've realized we need to buy bookshelves. Several of them.

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