Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun fun fun

Tonight was the Varsity sports banquet at school. It's for those in 6th grade and up who participated in a SAISA travel team this year. While Katherine did swimming, basketball and volleyball, swimming was the only SAISA sport, but with that she could stand up with the swim team and earned herself a letter. Yup, for the first year at AISC letters were given out. She has a big blue "C" and a little "swim team" to add to her patches. Very cool. In fact, it was kind of funny because right before the awards started we'd mentioned how sad it was that the kids go through these sports and get certificates, but no letters. Glad to be proven wrong!

In other news, gardening is on my mind. Yes, still.

Shared Neighborhood Gardens

For Urban Gardeners, Lead is a Concern

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