Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feelin' Unexceptional

This morning was the elementary school awards ceremony. None of my kids got anything. One of Nicholas' best friends got the Citizenship award. All of Rebecca's friends got either Presidential Academic Achievement or Presidential Academic Excellence awards (Katherine got the latter when she was in 5th grade), but Becca didn't.

The kids aren't bothered, and that's good. Rebecca had a great year academically, but she's not the star of her class. Nicholas is a good citizen but the winner truly deserved it. Jonathon might earn something in High School. Perhaps class clown.

The thing is that next week the class awards will be given out and I can never decide what to do with them. "Child X was very creative this year." Who cares? "Child Y always cleaned up after himself." Seriously, you want me to put that up in his room? So on the one side I'm sad that none of my 3 earned any awards today (I don't think Katherine will get anything at her awards assembly either), I'm also annoyed that the certificates they will get next week will be, well, silly and meaningless especially as EVERY SINGLE child will get one. Last year none of my kids got any serious awards and it didn't phase me. This year it did.

Kind of a downer day in my book.

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