Friday, May 8, 2009

Another one bites the dust.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned how Indian power killed a hand mixer and a toaster. One day they just didn't turn on. I also killed a large coffee maker that wasn't even ours by plugging it into a flat-pronged outlet in the kitchen, thinking it was 110 outlet. Came to learn that it's supposed to be 110, but all the kitchen outlets are wired (and some miswired) 220, no matter what they look like. I've also killed the power supply for the Roomba by plugging it into a power strip that was plugged into the wall, not into a transformer. Ian ordered a 110/220 replacement. Two XBox 360s have died here (another one died in Togo), but we can't figure if that's solely due to power issues or a combination of power and getting their innards shaken to death in transit from the States. Maybe you remember way far back when I mentioned that just about every box we receive has been well crushed in the pouch? A couple months ago the power brick for one of the laptops died. At least we're hoping it's just the power brick even though the local electrician couldn't make heads or tails of it. The laptop now sits on a dusty shelf, alone and neglected. The VCR died about 6 months back. The electrician couldn't figure that one out either, and it's only a VCR. I can see a Wii-mote confusing a local electrician, but a VCR? About the same time we noticed the buttons on the TV didn't do what they're supposed to anymore. Volume buttons might change the channel, for instance. I say "might" because we never really know what was going to happen each time. It doesn't really matter though, since the cable box went kaput this week so we can't watch regular TV anyway. Thank goodness for downloads (American Idol!) and DVDs.

Do I tempt fate by asking, "What next?"

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