Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gonna get physical, physical

Oh great, now that song is stuck in your head too. Sorry.

Yesterday the kids had their physicals. Everything is fine, no one is blind or missing a limb. Heights and weights were taken. We're set for school registration this fall.

Jonathon: 53lbs/4'1"/5'8.5" - Nicholas: 65lbs/4'2.5"/5'7.5"
Rebecca: 119lbs/5'1"/5'7" - Katherine: 133lbs/5'4.5"/5'6"

I had a check-up too, at least my skin did. Roughly once a year I get my moles/spots checked. Periodically one is biopsied to make sure nothing untoward is happening (though they tend to come back unless fully excised and if excised I replace the mole with a prominent scar). Then 2006 came along with the BCC, and I'm a little more paranoid. Nothing has been really amiss since then, but this time was a little different. Once we get our new health insurance this summer I'll find a dermatologist and have a full skin exam because the doc found 5 spots that could become... something. Since I've had one BCC, he said there's a strong likelihood that others will develop, and in unexpected places. It's no surprise when skin cancer comes along on the face, hand or shoulder, but mind tend to be other spots. On shoulder blade? check. On bottom of foot? check. You get the idea. I have the fun of photographing them and marking on a diagram(forgive me if that's a login site) where they are located. Actually, this part is kind of fun and I probably should have started doing it 10 years ago. The good thing is that while BCC are cancer, they are not malignant.

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