Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cloudy skies = No DC

That's OK. I spent the morning with my boys working on Rebecca's blanket while the boys played a game of football on the Wii. Between runs we watched the birds at the bird-feeder outside, which made Masala practically manic.

He must have worked off a couple ounces with the circles he scampered across the carpet up the chair to one window and then the next and back again. He went even nuttier when a squirrel came into view, a neighborhood cat lazily ambled across the yard and a fox came up to our doorstep.
Morning fox - 11/21/09
Wish I'd grabbed the camera quicker as it was quickly across the street in the neighbor's yard. I did snap some photos of the cardinals, woodpecker and assorted finches, wrens and sparrows that littered the yard. I also wish I had a cleaner window to shoot through.
DC was an idea for the afternoon, not a steadfast plan, so deciding instead to visit IKEA for some replacement parts was good enough. IKEA didn't have the necessary parts seeing as the chair we needed them for we bought 7 years ago. We bought 2 new chairs ($20 each!) instead. They will be the boys' chairs whenever we have company at the table. Awesome ribs (for me) at Chili's followed by a trip to the Dollar Tree and Petsmart and GameStop and Dots and Best Buy. Nicholas bought a couple Christmas gifts at Dollar Tree, we didn't adopt any cats from Petsmart, GameStop did not receive any of our hard-earned cash, but Best Buy did, and Dots will need a repeat visit when Rebecca brings money she's willing to spend. Katherine missed all the fun. She stayed up way too late and was still sleeping when we left.
The afternoon should have seen the house cleaned top to bottom, or at least the middle. The yard caught our attention though, probably due to the cacophony of leaf blowers busy all afternoon.
Leafy burial
We don't own a leaf blower so the boys raked and piled leaves, I raked more, Rebecca and I mowed, sidewalks and driveway were swept and we didn't quit until night had fallen. Rebecca and Nicholas spent a good amount of time playing in the leaf pile buried up to their heads.
Gorgeous, dirty kids
A fantastic day, even without being anything like I had "planned." Love it.

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