Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On the Anniversary of the Mumbai attacks...

We are so very thankful to be all together, without worry of Ian being taken away (he flew to Mumbai the day after Turkey Day last year) or worry of drowning in our yard (Chennai monsoon flood of 2008). This is our first Thanksgiving with my parents since 2002, and my maternal grandmother will be with us at the table tomorrow as well. We are happy, healthy, together and blessed by each other, our children, and our home. We are graced with the comforts of a healthy home, the beautiful outdoors and our memories of travels and daily joys shared.

We miss our friends. Our State Department family is spread around the world, and this is a year we won't spend with any of them. It's a little heart-breaking. We wish them all a warm and comfortable holiday, filled with good food and fellowship. You are in our thoughts, and we miss you.

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