Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Quick, here are some photos. Nothing terribly exciting, but I finished Chapter 2 in my Geography class and still have to take a shower and get groceries, so nothing but bare bones today...

Not what we planned.
I know my parents will get a kick out of that one. They'll just shake their heads. Nicholas now has 2 nasty stuffed falling-apart dogs he drags around the house, even though we tell him they have to stay on his bed.
Katherine's blanket.
This is Katherine's new blanket. It took a couple weeks from start to finish and isn't as big as I wanted, but was quick and very fuzzy.
Jonathon sings about the Egyptians.
The whole third grade did a Jack and Annie musical skit about the government systems of ancient civilizations of Egypt (Jonathon's class), Italy, Greece and Mali.

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