Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh look, snow.

3 February - sun's coming out, from the house to the left

And guess what, more snow.
3 February - I do like how the house seems to have some privacy
I'm tired of winter and cold and snow. More snow is expected Friday to Saturday, possibly another 12-20 inches. Don't believe me? Check out http://www.weather.com/newscenter/stormwatch/ Enough already, this is Virginia, this is the SOUTH. Did the weather systems not get the memo? Ugh. We didn't make it to church on Sunday because we were digging out from the 6-inches that fell Saturday night. Yesterday all afterschool activities were canceled which were drama and flute, and included Katherine's R.E. class at church in the evening.
And to make it all worse Katherine's birthday is Friday, she has an SCA-sponsored afterschool activity day scheduled, and then was supposed to celebrate at our house with my mom who shares the same birthdate before hopping a metro to go downtown and attend a Caps game with her dad. Everything is completely up in the air now, and looks more and more like it won't happen. This is so not fair. I'd better make a really great cake tomorrow.
Of course with family home all weekend, then kids home Monday for a teacher in-service, today Ian worked from home and the kids had a snow day, when am I supposed to get all my school work done? Tomorrow I have to return library books (can't renew them, arg), go to Costco, and bake a cake, it all really eats into my study time while the kids are in school. But it has to be done. I guess I'll try to finish studying tonight so I can take a quiz first thing tomorrow and log into my second class (which started on Monday and I just haven't gotten around to it). I'm really trying to exercise each day too, shoveling snow counted for me today, and follow my calories for a bit with http://www.mydailyplate.com to see what I'm really eating. Wow, the sugars are off the scale!
There aren't enough hours in the day.
Last Friday I did spend the early part of the day with my parents and the latter half with Ian at FSI for Flag Day. I didn't know anyone getting their flags, but it was fun to hear where all these folks new to the FS will be spending the next few years. Tajikistan anyone?
Oh, and has anyone seen my watch?

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