Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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I like reading stuff on the web. It's fun, for the most part a least moderately stimulating, and some of it is touching. Of course there's plenty that's none of that, but I try to pick and choose my info inputs. Here's some bits and pieces I think everyone should read or see.

Like this Embrace Life video. It really should make you cry.

This should also make you cry, but for different reasons: the Washington Post reports that "Schools, health care, public safety lose millions in Va. budget" We already received a copy of the Prince William County school budget report, and it's not good. No COLA or pay increases for any reason for the teachers, cutting the specialty school bus services, increased student population and a cut in teacher positions, more kids on reduced or free lunches and ton of money in deficit.... It's painful to read about and as painful to experience.
More bad news come from our border posts in Mexico. Consulate families are on authorized leave and Consulate employees are currently earning danger pay after three U.S. Consulate related deaths in two drive-by shootings in Ciudad Juarez. Those killed were targeted in retaliation for a crackdown on drug traffickers, and the U.S.-Mexico collaboration, and were among dozens killed recently in Mexico.
To end on a high note, check out the latest Blog Roundup at A Daring Adventure. Lots of familiar names on that page. The blog has been moved to Typepad so you can find all the old links gathered there to peruse. It's a fun site to read through, so go for it.

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