Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Somethin' fishy

Jonathon caught fish #1.

The kids all got good grades this past year, so we wanted to reward them with something fun for each of them. Nicholas chose the Wii game "Overlord," set in a land of fairy tales where Lil' Red is actually an evil wolf queen and the witch from Hansel&Gretel is working for the tooth fairy. Jonathon has a birthday coming up next month so he already said what he would like for that which left it up to us to choose something for now. He's been asking for a fishing pole since we moved to this neighborhood, and now he has one. Today was his first attempt at using one. I, of course, was left the duty of digging worms in the yard (he still doesn't like getting dirty) then the job of impaling them on cruel little hooks. The fish were smart so the worms couldn't just be S but had to have part of them fully skewered. I'm not really up on my worm torture techniques, so the fact that Jonathon caught 3 fish was entirely of his doing. Rebecca didn't have any luck. Outsmarted by little sticklebacks, that one.
The little fish in the shallows were old fins at getting the worm without the hook. Jonathon caught fish #3.
Rebecca trying her hand at worm wrangling.
Mutilating worms and not catching anything wore her out.
Spearing worms makes one sleepy.
Rebecca got hold of the camera for a few minutes.
Blue eyes. Katherine being silly, striking a pose for Rebecca.
So rare to see, so wonderful to see.
It's nice to see joy in Katherine.

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