Saturday, August 28, 2010

Home Ownership, not for the weak.

Cooler weather is coming, I can feel it. We had a glimpse this past week with gorgeous daytime temps and barely any humidity. That's all changing this coming week, but the break was enough to encourage us to start home repair stuff again. Today we fixed the leaky outdoor faucet that grew icicles this past winter and created a bog in the surrounding grass this summer. No more waster water there. Ian replaced the dusk/dawn sensor eye for the outdoor lamppost in hopes that it's now going to function properly. It stopped working about 2 months after we moved in but we have lights by the front door and a motion sensor floodlight by the garage so it wasn't too terribly urgent. Still, short days are on their way and getting that lamppost working would be nice. Next on the list is power-washing the side of the house that has algae on it from the spring, and deck-washing the deck from the pollen stains, also from the spring. Indoors, there's the rest of the border to strip from the kitchen, a little paint to apply and then a crown moulding. That chore is a little overwhelming to consider since we're not exactly the handymen type. There are 3 more indoor faucets to change, one we bought months ago and it still sits in its box, but really the kitchen faucet has to be replaced, I can't stand it. And then finally, the kitchen cabinets. I want to paint them white, and I know the project is far bigger and will take far longer than I anticipate so I'm procrastinating like I have been the past year.

But first... the deck, the siding, and the faucets.

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