Thursday, August 5, 2010

SOL. In VA it doesn't always mean what you think it does.

Scores came in from 3 of the kids today. Katherine's is MIA, possibly due to her taking a few late thanks to getting sick during SOL season. Let's hope it shows up tomorrow.

SOLs are graded so that a score between 400-500 is called "pass-proficient" and a score from 500-600 is "pass-advanced." Included with the standard test scores each kid received a Lexile Measurement on their reading score. A Lexile is s number seemingly pulled out of thin air though in actuality is a measure of both text difficulty and reading comprehension. It doesn't correspond to grade or age, all I know is the higher the number the more advanced the reader.

There is a rough Lexile-to-Grade posted on the website and it looks like this:
Grade Reader Measures
1 Up to 300L
2 140L to 500L
3 330L to 700L
4 445L to 810L
5 565L to 910L
6 665L to 1000L
7 735L to 1065L
8 805L to 1100L
9 855L to 1165L
10 905L to 1195L
11 & 12 940L to 1210L
To that end, the Lexile range is 0-2000. If you want to try to gauge it, the first HP book is rated at 880L. Go from there.
So how did the kids do? No bad. I pretty much toss out History/SS for any child over 3rd grade, and even that is iffy when the kid hasn't taken American History before and SOLs build on information learned in the years prior. We do what we do at home, but we don't "teach to the test" so there are real gaps in what the kids are expected to know on an SOL. Rebecca did a lot of fill-in learning in 6th grade to get through History.
SS = 479
Math = 523
Reading = 537 Lexile = 1060L
US Hist to 1877 = 446
Math = 558
Reading = 450 Lexile = 1040L
SS = 566
Math = 549
Science = 591
Reading = 512 Lexile = 905L
Now we wait for Katherine's scores.

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