Monday, September 27, 2010

And... cue Nerves.

It's promotion list week. Will he or won't he be on the 02 list? That's the thousand dollar question.

So here I sit, jittery and distracted. I have things to do, like clean up after having everyone home this weekend. Actually, cleaning is a useful distraction for me. Whenever I'm upset/frustrated/anxious, I clean. You'd think the house would be immaculate, but I guess I'm generally more mellow than I thought. That or I'm just lazy. Probably the latter.
So, how about some follow-ups from last week? Sure, why not.
- Katherine received a letter in the mail: Scoliosis, make an appointment with an orthopedic doc. Great, just what she needs more doctor visits and another phone call on my list this morning.
- She's interested in the GT program at the high school. Still haven't heard back from the program director, hopefully this afternoon or I'll write back to him again.
- Everyone went to the football game on Friday and it was moderately more interesting this time. Katherine played, but it wasn't a good evening for her. On football game days she stays after school and goes to the mall with her band friends. The problem is that she doesn't eat enough of a good day, then last Friday she drank one of those stupid Manna high caffeine bombs on an empty stomach. So guess what happened when national anthem time came around? She was going through the crash and could barely stand up. She didn't play. Then at half-time she messed up the last part of the last song, stepped the wrong way. The good thing is that she stood her ground and stayed until it was all done even though the urge to run off the field crying hit her hard. She still did her crying, just after she marched off the field.
- I never made it back to the bowling alley and of course they didn't call. I guess I'll go back sometime this week. Not today though.
- Rebecca and I have a date on 9 November to see the Cake Boss. Haven't heard about his tour? It's a Tuesday night at 8 p.m. in the District. She'll be a basket case the next day at school, but she's earned this little trip.
Off to organize the movie CD cases and dust and vacuum the living room. I should be removing wallpaper border from the kitchen, but I think that laziness is kicking in again.

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