Monday, September 13, 2010

It's nearly time...

To say farewell...

To the vacuum.
Sad Dirt Devil
Our first vacuum disappeared off a moving truck during one of our early moves along the east coast. So we bought the "Dirt Devil Swivel Glide." That was about 10 years ago. It sat in storage for the 6 years we were overseas.
It works just fine. It's on the heavy side though, tough for the kids to get up and down the stairs. The rubber bumper on the front tore off about a year ago. And somewhere along the way we lost most of the attachments.
Missing parts
It was clogged about a month ago and I took the thing apart to get at the source of the disturbance. Along the way I noticed several screws missing. Unplugged the blockage, put it back together how it was and moved on. One day I worked the stairs with the hose and as I pulled the machine up to the next stair the hose popped off and the shift in weight caused the casing to catch on the stairs and the top plate popped up.
Scraped, beaten, broken casing, missing rubber guard.
It began grinding as the rotating brush rubbed along the maladjusted casing. A quick stomp on the lid fixed that, but now I fear this machine is approaching its last leg. I'm pretty sure it'll hold out until our next move though. Tough little devil.

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