Saturday, April 30, 2011

Creepy encounters.

I'm a homebody, no secret there. I prefer to stay home and if I do go out I prefer to go with a family member. For some reason I approach going to the store with the same anxiety as approaching some dangerous activity... strength in numbers. I seem to have a face that says "talk to me" and if I'm with a child or spouse that tends to go away.

Katherine apparently has the same face.

Last week when we took the kids to the ice rink neither Ian nor I skated. Our feet were still recovering from the blisters we earned in Las Vegas and just the idea of squeezing our aching toes into rental skates was painful.
Katherine with her meandering, halting efforts at sliding on the ice, attracted the attention of another skater.
He asked her if she was there with her kids.
She politely told him she was here with her three siblings, then came and sat with us for a bit.
He was in his 40s.
Yesterday I visited with my mom, a friend and her two kids at Caribou Coffee. I arrived early and sat with my coffee and a crossword as I'd forgotten my Kindle at home. (BTW, I finished World War Z. Good book, you should read it. It's told as a collection of first-hand account interviews during the zombie apocalypse. Skip over the foul language in parts.) Minding my own business and wearing my Caps jersey (yes, we lost game 1 against the Lightning last night) a guy started talking to me. I honestly couldn't catch most of what he was saying, I think he kept repeating himself, but it had something to do with the Caps. I responded politely. He said how pretty my sapphire ring is. I thanked him. Then he asked my name, I answered. And hey, was I on facebook? Here, I admit I lied. Nope, sorry, not on facebook.
My mom and friends walked in.
Nice to meet you, I told him, then turned my attention to my friends' kids and he walked off. I suppose I should have flashed my other hand with my wedding ring? Said my kids like the Caps too? Told him I wasn't interested in seeing anyone but my hubby?
That's when I texted Ian and he asked if he should come over and beat the guy up.
I feel bad though. In one week he had someone hit on his oldest daughter and his wife.

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