Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

4/24/11:  There's a bird nest in the holly bush at grandma's house

I hope your spring break/Easter was wonderful. We went to Mass last night for the lengthy Vigil service thanks to the boys being scheduled for two Masses this month that we couldn't attend (one we went to a hockey game and the other was last weekend when we were in Vegas) and trading it for this one. It all evens out in the wash, right?

4/23/11: Easter Vigil Mass
The boys managed so well, keeping themselves awake and relatively aware of what was going on. The Mass was well over 2 hours complete with baptisms and confirmations.
Once we returned home it was time to finish up the egg hunt details. I probably should have done it on Friday, or even Saturday afternoon, but no, I left it to Saturday night.
4/24/11: The Easter egg hunt begins. 4/24/11:  Becca used her iPod touch for her clues.
4/24/11:  Nicholas figuring clue #1 4/24/11: Katherine whizzed through some, and others not so much.
Our hunts tend to be on the quieter side now. Last year we started with clues, simple direct-substitutions (Jonathon) and Caesar shift types (Nicholas). Each kid had different code breakers with Katherine's being the most difficult.
4/4/10 - Egg Hunt '10 clues.
This year we mixed it up again. Katherine was faced with Jeopardy questions: "If Dr. Horrible had one of these, he never would have met Penny." Rebecca's Social Studies teacher had them do an exercise with Morse Code, so all her clues were in Morse Code. Seemed fitting. Nicholas's clues were built off the letters from the roster of the Washington Capitals. His was tough to crack in the beginning because all he got was a number (#8) followed by eight dashes for letters, with no context at all. Another clue was #22 with six dashes. We had to help him a bit to get going. Jonathon's clues all required him to do math problems with each result relating to a letter of the alphabet (i.e. the first clue dash might be 6-5, which equals 1 and 1=A, etc.) I threw in some superscripts and pre-Algebra to keep it interesting.
Clearly this year was easier than last year's as the kids finished in only 30 minutes.
4/24/11:  Dad pitches in to help. 4/24/11: An assortment of clues hidden in the eggs. 4/24/11:  Nicholas loves candy.
Before heading to my parents' house for Easter lunch, Rebecca and I finished up the dessert. Made with the white sponge cake recipe from Cake Boss and a very sweet buttercream frosting from Cake Doctor, we turned our cupcakes into Easter duckies. Yes, they should be round but the silicone cups we have are heart-shaped, so there you go.
4/24/11: Close-up of Cheep 4/24/11: Cheep cupcakes
Rebecca also stacked and frosted her tiny 3-layer cake from her new cake pans.
4/24/11: Becca frosts her tiny 3-layered cake 4/24/11: Tiny cake, isn't it cute?? 4/24/11: Finished tiny Easter cake
At the grandparents' house there was another egg hunt, with much better surprises inside. I give them candy, grandparents give money and candy.
4/24/11: Another egg hunt at grandparents' house! 4/24/11: All eggs found, time to open. 4/24/11:  Katherine opens her clue for her "big gift."
It was gorgeous outside, even a touch too warm. I think the car temp read 90F (which is really not cool since a few days ago the high reached 48F). Anyway, I wanted a photo of the kids with my parents since we've done these on and off since about 2002, I believe. The first photo is of my parents with the kids all sitting on an outdoor loveseat bench. Eventually only two kids sat on the bench with my parents while the other two stood behind. This year we decided to scrap the bench.
4/24/11:  Kids with the grands.
Aren't they lovely?
Of course to reach that point....
4/24/11: *Sigh*
Having fun is good... having fun is good.... having fun is good....
Happy Easter :)

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