Monday, July 18, 2011

Band Camp

Say what you will about band camp, but Katherine loves it. Today she started this year's camp. Here are clips from last year's 2010 Prince William County Band Camp.

She's the blonde flautist in the middle.

O'Reilly's Palisades Overture

Stein's Stormchasers

Grice's Curse of the Scorpion

Osterling's Gateway March

Shaffer's Rise of the Vulcan

M. Williams Fanfare and Finale

Standridge's Afterburn

It's an awesome amount of music to learn in 4 1/2 days.

I can't find the flute section piece but here are the trumpets. Trumpets have a notoriously difficult time I've found. These kids are pretty good.

This year one of Katherine's pieces is Hedwig's Theme. And her flute section instructor is the girl who just graduated from Gar-Field and was Katherine's idol in the Marching Band.

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