Sunday, July 31, 2011

Masala Update

Masala came home from the vet hospital this afternoon. He is groggy from the anaesthetic and in quite a bit of pain. The pain meds he's on make him loopy too and he's unwilling to put any weight or movement at all on his injured leg.

07/31/2011: The cone of shame.

He'll wear the cone for a couple weeks and we'll see how he's doing over the next few days to determine his pain med frequency. For now, we just want to keep him basically immobilized.

You see, it appears Masala was bitten by a large animal. Dog, fox, something definitely bigger than a cat. Initially the vet thought a hit by a car due to the tears in his skin. Once she had him opened though she saw the damage underneath was more severe and had to cut away quite a bit of leg muscle. There's a chance he will have a permanent limp.

07/31/2011: Masala's bite injury

We're very lucky his whole haunch wasn't torn off because under the skin there was a hole direct from the forward puncture to the rear puncture.

07/31/2011: Masala quarantine recovery room

We have a portion of our bedroom blocked off as a recovery room. He has food, water, litter box, blankets, towels, a heat light. Currently he's dragged himself into the corner of the walk-in closet so he's using none of it at the moment. Giving him meds is a pain but doable, getting him to drink anything is near impossible, food is just not going to happen.

But then I have to remember, it's been only 24 hours since his surgery. He has a painful road ahead of him, but he'll be OK.


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  1. I am sure it will take a while for the anth. to wear off. They sedated our Malay cat just for a check up and 2 shots and he was bad off for a full 2 days.