Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas is in the air, finally.

There was a threat of flurries last night, and that brings with it the smell of snow in the air. The skies are clear and the breeze is brisk.

Bring on the holidays.

Our tree is finally up. Not decorated, and dropping needles all over, but up.

12/7/11: The tree is finally up.  Undecorated, but up!

Our room is NOT pink. Silly camera.

It took a little effort getting the tree ready. Katherine pitched in with trimming the base of the trunk.

12/6/11: Katherine puts in some effort to trim the trunk.

And of course we'll have needles to clean up for... well, until we move probably.

With some of the trimmed branches, we added greenery to our advent wreath.

12/6/11: Extra tree branch bits add to our homemade advent "wreath"

And pulled together a little outdoor wreath.

12/6/11: Extra tree branches turn into a wreath.

We also have up our stockings along the bannister, which were opened on Saint Nicholas Day (December 6), and our VeggieTales nativity scene. Presents are appearing under the tree, cookie doughs are in prep for Sunday baking, and there's a gingerbread house waiting for construction.

Holidays are coming.

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