Thursday, December 29, 2011

We should do this more often.

On top of all the other wonderful gifts, Ian and I gave one to each other of Time. It's been a long year, one a little trying on both of us and though we're closer now than we ever have been we still need to reconnect periodically, away from home and kids and chores and work. We had an overnight in DC to see a Capitals game last winter. We managed to get away to Las Vegas for a few days in April for our 15 year anniversary. And yesterday we went to Hershey, PA to see a Hershey Bears (AHL hockey farm team to the Caps) game vs. the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (farm team to the Pittsburgh Penguins).

12/28/11: Waiting for the Bears game to start

12/28/11: Holtby (1) warming up to sit on the bench

AHL games are great fun to attend. It's a little like a minor league baseball game. For cheap tickets, you can sit up near the action (we were in row H in section 119, right by the locker tunnel and the Bears bench), worry about getting hit in the head with a puck, and hear the players toss curses at each other. It wasn't even cold. There were tons of raffles (sadly we didn't win the signed Backstrom jersey) and prizes and nifty affordable souvenirs, like the Holtby-signed puck Ian added to his collection. The food is generally pretty good too.

A great time, even with a 6-5 loss in a shoot-out. Who likes shoot-outs anyway? Why do them, and not sudden death overtime?

This morning we spent some time in the Hershey part of Hershey, PA, at Chocolate Town. Of course the requisite free automated tour, but also the Hershey University tasting class.

12/29/11: Waiting for the Tasting "master class"





Never chew.

12/29/11: We did the Tasting Tour at Chocolate World.

There were several other activities, all a little costly and all very much packed with tons of very small children, so we visited the gifts shop for treats for the family and left it at that. Besides the chocolate tang in the air was a little smothering. Fresh air was welcome.

12/29/11:  Pounds of chocolate to thank your Professor Snape

12/29/11: We needed fresh air after the Chocolate World visit

On our way home, through the flurries of snow, we stopped in Gettysburg, picked up a little something,

12/29/11: "Tears of Gettysburg" white

then returned to our children and the wonderful people who took care of them, my parents. I know that 4 kids is a handful (and they already had my grandmother staying with them), but they take the monsters when we really need a break and do so happily. I think the kids may have missed us a bit, but they get well-spoiled at the grandparents' house. Both girls were taken to the hair salon by grandpa. There was a partially done 3D puzzle on the floor (Rebecca insists looking at the image on the box is cheating), along with an almost complete Scrabble game. The mini-foosball game the grands got the kids is a huge hit. Cookies and doughnuts were freshly baked.

A very very nice evening away for everyone and a reminder that we all need a little time away from each other to be better when we're back together.

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