Monday, February 6, 2012

Second quarter report cards/Semester grades

Guess who got straight As for the first time ever? Jonathon

Guess who got all As and a B+? Rebecca, first semester is straight A average.

Guess who got all As and a B? Nicholas

Now... to come up with appropriate "you're doing it! keep on working!" gifts for each of them.... Jonathon is thinking a trip to LaserQuest. Nicholas is considering a Kinect game. Rebecca would like another ear piercing. Will let you know.

I should note that Rebecca's grades reflect a high school class (complete with midterm) at the high school and two high school level classes at the middle school. She is rocking it all.

ETA: For Rebecca's gift she requested... a 3rd ear piercing. It looks lovely. Until she starts wearing weird stuff I guess, it's all good. Nicholas got a new xBox game, LOTR: Conquest which was a huge hit. Both boys like Halo Wars, but LOTR is better. Jonathon wanted additional HeroClix, so he got a set of Halo Characters and a set of Star Trek ships. Please don't ask me about them, he asked, I provided, that's all I know.

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