Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day at the Zoo, and Prometheus.

On Sunday the 17th of June, we made our way to the zoo.  The DC National Zoo is a sad piece of work.  They try, but let's be honest, it's too small.  Big cats and elephants and even all the little guys need their space, and the Zoo just doesn't have it.  The more we learn about their intelligence levels, the more imperative the space and intellectual stimulation becomes.  As it was, roughly a 1/3 of the zoo is under construction so it makes for a quick visit.  A hint to the wise... if you visit after 4, the park is yours to enjoy.  Shade, open paths and a lovely silence.  Well worth it.

Malaria came to enjoy the day with us.  As did Penguin and Cow.

Malaria and Jonathon are intrigued
by the prairie dogs.
Malaria stays "cool" like the big cats.

Lemurs get lonely, so there are lemur
shaped toys to play with.  Look along
the upper left corner of glass.
Penguins get hot in the
summer sun, misting is
The small mammal house is always a favorite.  There seemed to be a smaller variety of animals this time, with quite a few repetitions through the windows.  That's OK I guess.  There was a baby monkey type thing, and that wasn't repeated.

Penguin looks bored by his similarly
shaded friend. Perhaps because
 panda doesn't own a scarf and hat.
Hey Panda!  Over here! Malaria wants
to say Hi!

Panda, where are you going?
Panda come back!
The panda is always a highlight, but honestly I'm not sure why.  Ok, he's cute but he doesn't DO anything.  Not like otters.  Otters rock.

Malaria likes rock sculpture slimy
things, but would be happier with
actual warm blood.
Penguin is scaring small children.

Everyone is having fun.
Everyone is still having fun.

Lunch at California Tortilla.
Malaria was starving too.
Eating at the zoo is crowded and expensive, so we had lunch at the nearby California Tortilla, a place I'd never heard of but one Ian has taken the girls to after their scuba diving intro class.  As always, we bought way too much food.


Our day wasn't just about visiting the Zoo.  We wanted the kids (and Malaria) to enjoy a movie at the "famous" Uptown Theater.  The Uptown is where, while in college, Ian and I saw "Gettysburg."  That's a long movie, even with comfy seats.  Thank goodness for intermission.  The Uptown has a single screen, so you get what they show.  This time was "Prometheus."  Yes, it's rated R.  Yes, we had the kids with us.  No, I do not recommend following in our footsteps.  Even Malaria spent most of the time with his eyes covered.

On the way back to the car, we walked through the entire Zoo again, only this time in the quiet of near closing.  We swung by the fisher cats who weren't doing any visible fishing. The otters were unavailable but we enjoyed their sculptural counterparts.  The elephants were doing elephanty things.  The red panda was sleeping.
Malaria wishes they were real.  He
loves otters so much.
Penguin is chillin'.  Get it?  Chillin'?
Malaria remember vividly
the times of the dinosaurs.
Ah, the good old days.
Malaria hangs with the coolest
 bear at the zoo.

After a long day at the Zoo, Malaria and Cow relax for the trip home.

But he really dug the dippin' dots.
Malaria likes the strawberry shortcake OK.
At the end of the day it was time for a snack and the trek back to the car.  There had been no available parking in the Zoo lots, so we meandered through the neighborhoods behind and finally found a street side spot not too far from the rear entrance.

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