Sunday, July 29, 2012

Settling In

What to say.

Our UAB arrived and it's unpacked. We packed poorly.  Never have we packed this poorly.  Movie projector?  Check.  Cable to play movie projector?  Uh....  xBox 360? Check.  220v cable to play xBox 360? Uh... and yeah, managed to blow the 110v one we did bring.  Medical box?  Nope.  Safe?  Nope.  Did we ensure that there was absolutely nothing glass in our shipment?  Nope.  It all broke.  Did bring cat litter and cat food, so we're set there until our orders arrive.  Brought lots of swim stuff, none of which we really need since we had stuff in our suitcases.  A box of books?  A drying rack that won't fit in our laundry room until the welcome kit boxes are out... and I didn't pack hangers anyway.

Yeah, lousy job.  I thought I'd done well, and I did organizationally, but not with the specifics.  Rats.

The boxes are still in the house.  I keep having thoughts of turning them into a really cool multilevel cat house.  Today is the first day the boys and I are home (they are taking a break from summer camp this week) and yet time seems to be absent today.

This morning we rode in with Ian anyway.  The boys were bummed they didn't get to sleep in, but them's the breaks.  The PPD tests needed to be read (all clear).  The bandages had to come off of Jonathon's chin (he's fine, no stitches, hardly a mark at all after 4 days under wraps after banging his chin into a metal pole).  Dry cleaning needed to be dropped off and picked up.  Three suits for 14.50JD.  I checked on the CLO library to see if anything needed tending.  All was well.

A friend, Donna, brought the boys and I home where I dropped them off (Nicholas wasn't feeling too well anyway, after last night's McDonald's delivery... really not a good idea if you're wondering).  Donna then drove me around and showed me how to reach important places.  Like the ER.  I missed the CLO hospital tour on Thursday that would have brought me to the nearest hospital, ER, lab, random doctor's offices, so Donna is a Godsend.  She's got 4 kids also... 2 older boys, 2 younger girls, so she knows of what she speaks.  We'll be visiting the lab this week for a blood test so I have to know where to go on my own.  I should probably try driving somewhere casually before actually being under stress to do so.  The orthodontist is in the same building, so if all goes well we'll be spending a lot of money there.

After the walk-through, she drove to several other important spots.  The school, where she sits on the Board so could walk in and give me a quick tour.  A stop in a small market by her home which also has the newest butcher, The Meat Master, that everyone raves about, and an alternate Starbucks.  Closed for Ramadan.  Rats.

I came home in time to have lunch with the boys before the housing walk-through.  One of the FMO folk walked me through the filter change date for the potable water, the check on the diesel (full) and propane (full), the water tank (full), etc.  Some items have been tended to, like the broken pane of glass in the living room, the metal blinds that wouldn't come down in the master bedroom, the washer that's leaking all over the laundry room.  Honestly, there's nothing to complain about in the house.  There are always little things, little inconveniences, little quirks to every home.  It's just in how you manage your expectations.

And now I remember that I forgot to ask about the alarm system.  It's not set quite properly so beeps 3 times every 40 seconds or so.  I've gotten so used it I don't hear it most of the time.  Rats.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Hopefully not more in the Rats department.

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