Wednesday, February 6, 2013

And then she was 17.

Only one more year until our first baby turns 18, a legal adult, and prepares for her next stage of life, wherever that might take her.  She says she's ready and we just have to believe she is for whatever path she follows.  Letting go is not built in to the parenting gene.

So begins a series we lovingly call "Jonathon's photobombs"

Little sis got her season 1 of her favorite show.

Other shows for her budding collection.
The scarf around her neck is from Nicholas.
Hello moose.

Scrabble is her favorite game.
She is worth 5 points  Very cool.
I want one.

Everyone needs a Thneed!

And fuzzy new owl PJs.
She changed right after dinner.
Jonathon, what ARE you doing?

More Scrabble for the Scrabble afficionado.
She cheated on the first sheet.

Nicholas got bored, I guess.
After all, the gifts weren't for him.
Patience, young grassHopper.  Your time draws near.

Not only couldn't we find the lighter,
we couldn't find the candles.
Tea light to the rescue.

"Slice" number one.  Who trained these kids?

And finally, her sister smushed cake back in December, so K decided she wanted to do the same.

Sometimes they act all grown up.  Sometimes... they don't.

I guess that's why we keep them.


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful young lady! I hope she had a very special day. I eagerly read posts about older FS kids. Our kids are still pre-teen, but they're growing fast, and I am honestly glad to see how others' FS teens are turning out as they mature... to put it simply, I'm very impressed, and I'm looking forward to our kids doing the same with this sometimes difficult, sometimes amazing lifestyle.

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Love your last two lines - so true!