Saturday, March 16, 2013

Celebration of Cultures 2013

Today our school held its annual Celebration of Cultures.  In most schools it's called International Day but it's all good.  Everything (from my end) went without a hitch.  The only thing was the entertainment ran roughly 20 minutes behind schedule and we were scheduled 30 minutes before the end of the day, and we weren't even last on the list.  Each country is given a table and encouraged to create a basket for the silent auction, a game for kids to play or an activity, a giveaway at the table, and some form of entertainment.  We tried to do it all.

The table came together nicely, and our President Obama cutout drew people to take their photos.  Each elementary kid went around the gym to every station and answered a question to get a stamp or a sticker.  We also gave them a choice of a pencil or a magnet and then sent them around the corner to get a brownie and some lemonade.

Norway and Sweden set up a mini IKEA.  Pretty awesome.  The table in front was ready to entertain the smallest of our visitors.

Canada went all north woods and maple syrup.

The stage was set aside for Jordan and Palestine, and the auction items table was right in front.  By the end every basket happily had bids.  The U.S. basket was my project and while it was worth less than $100 it sold for 150JD, over $200.  Yay!  Apparently one of the draws were the movies, non-pirated movies.  Whodathunk.

Poland was represented!  The offered pierogies and later when I stopped by they had chrusciki.

France called in the service of Paul's bakery and set up a mini bistro.  Cheaters.

Ian stamped passports.  The irony was not lost.

Katherine represented Auntie Sam.  She spent the entire time dressed up, even while playing the national anthems with the band after the parade of nations.

Our entertainment portion was.... get this... line dancing.  I asked a friend from the Consular Section to teach Rebecca and me some dances, then we taught the neighbors, then we put on three progressively more complicated dances and had audience participation.  The little kids seemed to enjoy it. Jonathon passed out cowboy hats and bandannas to the participants and Auntie Sam passed out brownies to the audience. I was in borrowed cowboy boots and so glad to be out of them at the end of the day.

No photos or video, sorry!


  1. Great job! Looks like a lot of fun, with a lot of creativity :-).

  2. That sounds like it was an awesome international day!