Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to be Happy

Oh who knows how to be happy.  No one can be happy all the time, right?  But I picked well when I chose my Word for the year.  Outside in the physical sense, to be sure, but more than that the Word was for getting outside my comfort zone.  When something feels uncomfortable, my Word pops into my head and I find more and more that I'll lift my chin up a little higher and plunge on ahead.  I'll admit that most times, what made my heart go in to palpitations wasn't as bad as I feared.

There are all sorts of memes and blog posts about how to make good choices, how to find your way, and yes, how to be happy.

One at Successify made a lot of sense with its list of 22 Things Happy People Do Differently.

The top 3 on my list from their list, the three that I'm trying to aspire to this year?

Accept What Cannot Be Changed

How hard is that?  So, so hard, but that's a motto I'm embracing this year.  There are some parts of my life that I would like to change dramatically, but are not in my control.  Period.  Learning to let go will be, no is, a freeing experience.

Nurture Social Relationships

As an introvert, people are tiring.  I like people, I like being with people, but a little goes a long way with someone like me.  What tends to happen when I've had enough people-time is I go to my safe place, my home, and then I just don't leave again. For days.  It's time for some adjusting.

Never Make Excuses

I'm a queen of excuses, and often it boils down to "I just don't feel like it."  I'm trying to quell that feeling, when the pitter patter of my heart speeds up and causes the nerves of fear to fire, or slows down and draws me in with the desire to take a nap, my job this year is to Just Say No.

I'm nearly 40 and some things that have held me back are ready to be dropped on the side of the road. Kicked to the curb.  Shukran, bes la shukran.  This is where I start.  Things are changing this year, it's in the air.

Except for talking on the telephone.  I'm not ready to face that challenge.  Not yet.  I know my limits.

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