Friday, April 12, 2013

Good Adrenaline vs. Bad Adrenaline

Good Adrenaline

Playing his first baseball game in his entire life, Nicholas walked twice, got two runs, and nearly caught a ball in left field.  Nerves got him there, he's usually an awesome thrower and catcher.  Today we had our first experience with Amman Little League.

Baseball food is not peanuts, crackerjacks, hot dogs, or nachos.  It is wraps with freshly baked bread (baked right then while you wait) with labneh, zataar, tomatoes, and olives.  As well as whatever snacks we bring along.  There are so many teams playing between 8:30-2:30 each Friday, from T-ball to Seniors, and it seems like every other person is an Embassy person.

Warming up, next at bat. Awesome uniform, Kid.

Needs a little work on his stance, but he can determine if
a pitch is a ball or a strike.

Across the street is Amman Waves, one of the
water parks.  It's not open and it looks iffy.
The Reese's played as visitor.  
There are rules to Little League I never knew.  They play through 6 innings or 1 hour and 45 minutes, whichever comes first.  There's also a run maximum per inning, 10 runs scored and you're turn is done.  Our game managed 4 innings until time ran out, and the Reese's won 15-1.  Nicholas was excited about playing on a team that not only does well, but that he participates in fully, and where all the teammates are encouraging and friendly.  High 5s were everywhere, even for strike outs, for a job well-attempted.  And there are snacks at the end.  You know where we will be spending Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for a while.   I never wanted to be a baseball person, I don't care about baseball, but I'll be the first to admit that watching my kid play, the good attitude of the other players, and the way his self-confidence is improving makes it all worth it.

Bad Adrenaline

Today was a rough day at riding.  Above you see Rebecca on Sandy.  Below you see Jonathon on Cheyenne.  Sandy and Cheyenne don't get along.  When Cheyenne gets a little too close to Sandy, Sandy starts to shy, and when Sandy starts to shy Cheyenne turns around, and when Cheyenne turns around Cheyenne kicks.

When Cheyenne kicks out, Jonathon falls forward and tries not to fall off, while frantically trying to get Cheyenne to move to the other side of the ring, which doesn't work because he's not that in control yet, and instead gets frightened and mad.  When Cheyenne kicks, Sandy jerks away and freaks out, and Rebecca jumps off the horse to avoid getting kicked or getting thrown.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  Rebecca ended up on the ground twice, and Cheyenne ended up on the lunge and walked around the ring while the others did their exercises.  After the other students were done and Jonathon had the ring alone he was given about 15 minutes of private lesson to make up for Cheyenne not behaving with the other horses.

Rebecca was shaken, Jonathon was shaken, I tried not to watch too much.

The main stables, home to privately
owned horses.

Sandy is a good little horse with
moments of attitude.

The kids are given some horse care chores.
They both were completely wiped out at the end.  Stress, anxiety, frustration, it all took a toll.  The important thing is that they both want to go back next Friday.  Get back on the horse, kids.  It's the only way to know that it's all OK.

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