Friday, April 26, 2013

There's Too Much to Catch Up On

So here's everything from the past week in one post, from this side of the Mediterranean.  Ian was in Germany this week for a conference and I'm assuming there will be some photos shared on FB.

Nicholas had his birthday last Saturday.  He's officially our 3rd teen in the house.

We took him to Magic Planet.

He opened gifts.

And loved the popcorn bucket from gma and gpa.

A cookie cake for school, a baseball cake for home.

I started work on Sunday as a CLO at the Embassy.  The person I'm replacing is still there for a few weeks which is awesome.  Sorry, no photos.  There was a Local Staff Breakfast on Thursday morning, the Easter Egg Hunt on Friday morning, on top of all the regular stuff like housing visits and meetings, Mgt meetings, a Cyber Security Awareness seminar, etc etc etc.  I signed up for part-time.... I'm not feeling very part-time at the moment.

I received the box from my FS exchange partner.  I sent her a box of items from Jordan, she sent me a box of items from Thailand.  When she asked if there was anything in particular I'd like I asked for a frog.  Not only did she send a frog, she sent a friend for the frog, which is totally awesome.

Wooden pig!

Nicholas got braces.  He chose dark blue and now gets to eat a lot of pudding, jello-o, and ice cream.

Wednesday afternoon were parent/teacher conferences for the high school girls, and student-led conferences for the middle school boys. Student-led conference entailed the boys creating presentations on their laptops for showcasing highlights from each of their classes and talking about them.  Sorry, no pictures. Rebecca's teachers all raved about her.  Katherine is still struggling some.  The boys have been challenged this year, which is great since they'll be better prepare for starting high school with its increased demands.

And Jonathon and I participated in the Embassy Peep-o-rama contest at Easter Brunch.

The Peep-C-S.

The traveler with his pet.

The x-ray guy.

The luggage scanner guy.

Waiting for arrivals... mail bag... lost luggage.

Dead Sea poster.

With the arrival board.

Outside the airport.
Lost luggage office.


Second place ribbon.. out of 2 adult entries ;)

The winner!

Marines at Post One.
 And now I have a nearly 100F fever, feel lousy, and will go to bed.  It was a crazy long and busy week. The kids and cats don't quite know what's hit them.

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