Thursday, January 30, 2014

Interesting Article: Two Mindsets

Fixed Mindset Vs Growth Mindset

"What it all comes down to is that a mindset is an interpretative process that tells us what is going on around us. In the fixed mindset, that process is scored by an internal monologue of constant judging and evaluation, using every piece of information as evidence either for or against such assessments as whether you’re a good person, whether your partner is selfish, or whether you are better than the person next to you. In a growth mindset, on the other hand, the internal monologue is not one of judgment but one of voracious appetite for learning, constantly seeking out the kind of input that you can metabolize into learning and constructive action."

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  1. Michele - This is Jenn "jennifer_f" from the ivillage August 2001 Auggies. I can't believe I came across your blog, and that you're still doing it 10 years later! Many of the moms are still in communication and have created a Facebook group. If you're interested in reconnecting with us, send me an email through my profile.