Sunday, January 19, 2014

Media Entertainment

In the past few weeks I've seen a couple movies and read a couple books, and watched a lot of serials.  Twice, the books and movies had the same name.  I won't say they're the same stories though.

I heard so many wonderful things about "Silver Linings Playbook," at least the film version.  The book appeared in our CLO library so I read it.  Thankfully it's short as it's also tedious.  Football, yes, ok, lots of football.  Mentally cracked leads, yup, got it.  Lots of exercising.  The story was boring.

The movie was on TV so with its great reviews so we gave it a whirl.  As faulty as the book was, it was pretty straight-forward.  What is with screenplays that they change the characters in a book that doesn't call for changing?  For as pointless as the book was, the changes in the movie didn't make it any less pointless, it just stole all the minimal surprises saved in the book.  Bleh, is what I say.  Bleh.  What's with Danny showing up at all points?  What's with his dad's openness?  Huh?

Happily, we also caught "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel," and it turned out to be a delightful movie, a sweet surprise.  So, I picked up the book (These Foolish Things), and if I have to read another page about "Norman" and his search for sex in India, I may just return it to the library unfinished.  His story is minor in the movie, thankfully so.  It's a time when I'm glad the screenplay writer adjusted things.  The difference between the changes made between the book and film here is that some stories are bolstered while others are more in the shadows, but the stories themselves haven't changes all that much.  Except for the Ainsleys (so far, I'm not finished yet)... what's up with them?

My next book will be Unbroken.

Let's see, what have we watched in series form in the past month?

Sherlock, of course.  Lots of murder mystery, including Sherlock's own death. Second episode was the best, third episode had pacing troubles. No spoilers here.

The Hour, season 1. The launch of a BBC news hour in the 1940s, involves a murder mystery and international politics. It felt like a story that should have been told in fewer episodes, the acting is good though.  We've started season 2.

Orphan Black.  We watched the first episode months ago and put it aside.  After a strong recommendation from a friend, we tried it again and are half way through the season.  It's good, and seems to be getting better.

State of Play.  BBC murder mystery.  Do you like the governor on Walking Dead and Harold Saxon from Dr. Who?

Broadchurch.  Great series, great acting, murder mystery.  Not sure how they're going to do a second season though.  And honestly, I'm not thrilled with David Tennant doing the same series as the same character for a U.S. version.  Just watch the BBC one, OK?

Shows coming up:

Downton Abbey, season 4

The Village - BBC show a la Downton Abbey, without the rich people.

Whitehall - BBC murder mystery.  Again.

What are you watching?  What are you reading?


  1. Unbroken is an awesome book. You will love it. I just finished re-reading the Poisonwood Bible and it is even better the second time around.

    1. Yes, it is. _Poisonwood Bible_ is one of my favorites. I've also gotten a recommendation for _The Night Circus_. So once I finish _Unbroken_, I'll go to that one.