Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bidding on the Brain

Nope, not bidding yet, but definitely getting into the mindset.  Four years is a long time to be at Post.  Too long for this family.  Settling in, feeling comfortable, both good things.  Getting bored (ask my husband), not a good thing.

Will we make our last 18 months count?  We're going to try.  Listen to us... "last 18 months."  For those on 2 year tours, 18 months IS the tour.  For those on 3 year tours, 18 months is only 1/2 way.  For us, we're starting the countdown.  What can we do in 18 months?  Well, lots of stuff.  There are plenty of places in Jordan we have yet to experience.  An overnight in Wadi Rum for one.  I'm trying to build a list and schedule out 12 places to go, one a ~month (skipping R&R month and a few others) and I'm open to suggestions.  It's a challenge because there are monthly trips with my job (I try to avoid some of them) and really, on the weekends usually our big goal is to do nothing but hang out at home.  Boring for the kids, awesome for the adults.

Today the boys are off to paintball with friends.  There's a newish place called Blu Tactical that is way closer than Mountain Breeze (which is having great deals right now, no doubt due to the increase in much closer and presumably better paintball places). They'll have fun.  I'd wanted to go to IKEA since it's in the general area, but apparently they're carpooling and taking my car which leaves me at home to use my new Little Green Machine on the curtains.  I lead a charmed life some days.  I may also work on crochet animal parts.

Rebecca's community service project for this year is to make animals for a local orphanage, so I'm pitching in to help figure out the directions and get a few put together as guides. I'm usually pretty quick, but it's taking me at least an hour for each part, which is crazy long.  Right now I'm making bodies and she's making legs as all the patterns have the same base parts. 

Or maybe I'll just spend the day scrapping last summer's trips.  If I can't plan for the future just yet and I decide cleaning curtains isn't really going to entertain me, I'll just live in the past for a few hours and review some of the great trips we took last year.

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