Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jordan is in Mourning

It's no surprise that the best writing on the tragedy that has hit Jordan comes from Donna.  Donna doesn't live in Amman anymore, she's off to grayer pastures in Moscow, but living in Amman for 4 years leaves a mark.  I don't care who you are, you leave here changed.

Jordan fights, and fights hard, to stay moderate and peaceful.  It's not an easy job, and it's certainly not getting any help from its neighbors.  Look around, people, and recognize what Jordan has overcome year in and year out, look at the pressures from all sides to NOT be moderate.  To NOT be peaceful.  In fact, Jordan takes in nearly 1 million refugees, a strain on everything Jordan has, but the King reinforces that those who need help will not be turned away.  The support will not be stopped, and neither will the constant refusal to be pulled one direction or another, away from being a peaceful and solid country. I have much greater respect and understanding now than I did in Aug 2013 of how remarkable Jordan is and how much it needs to be protected and supported.

Jordan is a miracle, really.

So do me a favor and read Donna's post on The Evil and The Good.  Those barbarians don't represent faith, or God, or Islam.  The don't represent the people of the Levant or Iraq or Syria.  And they certainly don't represent the people of Jordan.

Our coworkers (I should note: both Moslem and Christian) are stunned. They are angry. They are hurt. Today the people of Jordan mourn the horrific loss of one of their own. And we mourn with them. Because that's what humans do.

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