Sunday, February 15, 2015

Home from Istanbul

The kids survived :)

And so did we!  I present... a few photos...

Tour guide took this one.  Not sure how this shows
the Hagia Sofia!  Though we look pretty cute.

The riot police prepping before the student protest, outside the
window at lunch.

The Grand Bazaar, which was totally awesome.  Especially
if you get off the main drags.  Lots of very cool alleys to explore.

One of our favorite spots, the Basilica Cistern.  With carp!
And Medusa!

The Suleyiman Mosque.  Look close and see the
ostrich eggs, which were historically used to
attract bugs and spiders.

Had a GREAT trip with Erin and Jason.  Thank you so much for
letting us crash your party!

"Hagia Sofia with Funky Tree."

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  1. Istanbul is amazing, isn't it! Looks like you got to see and explore quite a bit!!