Tuesday, April 14, 2015

In the art show

Becca with her submissions.

Monochrome painting.

Mixed media.

The piece above will go on the wall in our house.  I found this project fascinating as the kids were given these two images and told to combine them into a single image.

 The results were all over the map.  Becca went for abstract minimalism.  Others went for realistic imagery blended in a surreal manner.

One of Becca's strong interests is makeup, and another is photography.  They are great artistic outlets and she's considering pursuing a major in one or a combination of the two.  While we were looking at her piece, two teachers came by and lamented that this entry wasn't up for auction.  I think it will have an auction slip on it tomorrow.



  1. Great talent!! Well done!! That last piece is super amazing - VanGogh and Dali inspired?