Sunday, April 12, 2015

While the cat's away -

So yesterday was Easter Sunday over here in the east.  Saturday we held the egg hunt over at the Embassy compound.  After the highest temperature all year last week (I think we hit almost 90), a weather depression set in and our nighttime temperatures are back in the 30s with daytime highs in the 40s and low 50s, and rain.  Or snow.  Or hail.  Or all three.

We went ahead anyway, because like so many things, rescheduling isn't an option.

Saturday started dripping right at 10 a.m. when the kids were all gathered and ready to hunt.  With the turn in the weather, there were no extended photo sessions on the Ambassador's green lawn and the Easter Bunny was the warmest dressed lapin out there.  Kids found their 10 eggs, lined up to get their goody bag, and headed to brunch or right back home.  It was that kind of day, which made it really easy on us.

Yesterday being Orthodox Easter Sunday, we had the day off from both school and work.  I dropped Becca off at school anyway to help set up the art show for this week.  And then the clouds opened. A friend, Sabrina, picked me up and we went off for an errand that landed us in the middle of Amman in the midst of an ice and snow thunderstorm.  It was awesome.  The roads flooded, cars were covered in a layer of slush, and when we picked up Becca she discovered her (husband's) car had a nail in a tire. Called up another friend to come get (the three of) us and abandoned the (husband's) car in the school parking lot.

Home again and after some lunch and a serious pile of dish washing, I banished the kids to the game (it has a computer and an xBox in it) room so the hunt could proceed.  This year it was left up to me because my husband is in Germany staring at beautiful mountains and eating his weight in schnitzel.  The clues weren't hard, but some of the kids are better at jumping to the right conclusions than others.

Candy scored.

And so we played some Band Hero and I have the drum stick blister to show for it.  Then Black Ops zombies were killed.  I may have needed 30 revivals but I also killed 50 or so zombies.  I'm a team player.

The other day we tried to watch some old seasons of Survivor and started with season 1.  Ouch.  It showed off some pretty lousy editing and really boring beach chats.  That's what you get for being the first wide consumption reality TV show.

We jumped to the Amazing Race instead: so much better.  And as we're bidding this summer, it's a fun bidding tool.  The show ran, we played some rounds of Blokus.  A few episodes in was dinner time and with a little help Nicholas made spaghetti sauce that Becca loaded with yellow peppers and spinach. Now that there is an organic farmer who sells vegetables at the Friday baseball games, we are loaded with fresh veggies for the week. Becca also had made a beer bread, just because.  It was awesome.  Jonathon prepped the cheese, dishes, etc.  While the noodles were boiling, Becca made up some spiced apple slices and popped them in the oven for a dessert.

With Amazing Race and then a little Who's Line is it Anyway, some great food, playing lots of games, and all hanging out together, I'd have to chalk yesterday up as one of my best days here. Thanks kids!

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