Friday, May 29, 2015

This, that, and the other things.

 So far the season is 4 wins for Buffalo's and 3 wins for Champions.  Today's game was the worst for our team.  We lost 15-1 and were mercied out in the 5th inning.  The last 3 games the other team was mercied out.
On their way to Vietnam.
The kids are back from Vietnam and had an AMAZING time.  They said they had a great group of kids who were all positive and fun, and did some wonderful adventures including a 2-day hike in Sapa and a boat ride in Ha Long Bay.  They stayed in longhouses, walked through fields of butterflies, jumped fully-dressed into streams, took overnight trains, and ate loads of awesome foods.

8th grade Integrated Project
The Integrated Project was a task that took all week and involved science, math, and geography.  Their task was to make a travel plan with 8 stops, incorporating both of their home countries, with activities in each stop.  They tried to convince visitors to invest some of their "Scorpion Bucks" in hopes of earning the most and having their trip ideas go towards next year's Week Without Walls planning.  Jonathon's plans involved climbing K2.

Annual Sports Banquet
Becca was part of the first official swim team this year and they traveled to Doha, Qatar in the fall.

Spanish in the World Language Showcase
Nicholas spent a week memorizing a poem for the World Languages day.

Spanish in the World Languages Showcase 2
Jonathon was part of a Spanish skit.

Becca went to prom.
She bought her dress before we even PCSed to Amman and she looked quite regal.

The prom group.

Too bad it's fuzzy, but it still looks nice.


  1. I love when schools do awesome things to inspire kids in learning with imagination and fun and to go out to explore living in the world around them. Also - that prom dress is just beautiful on her!

    1. It is, right?! She tried it on at the shop expecting to hate it.