Sunday, May 31, 2015


Last year's awards ceremony was a lot of "This is the group that got Honor Roll," "This is the art teacher's class pet," and "This is the kid who really liked his tech class."

Today's program was changed to recognize the kids who highlight the various parts of the school's Mission Statement as well as the school's student profile.

Mission Statement: "ACS inspires individuals to become self-motivated learners and active citizens who demonstrate respect, act with integrity, and seek intellectual growth in a culture of high expectations."

Student Profile: It highlights Global Awareness, Critical Thinking, Communication, and others.

Becca's three awards from today, Highest Honor Roll, Self-Motivated Learner, and Research and Information Literacy Award.  The most interesting of the three is the last, an honor that recognizes her grasp of technology in both her tech classes and how she uses technology along with other techniques to dig in and find the real answer to questions.

Funny bit, the Research and Information Literacy Award has her name as Rerbecca.

Funnier story, when the HS principal called the Honor Roll kids she completely left out the junior class.  You can bet that at the end of the ceremony Becca blew past us and went right to the stage, along with a dozen other juniors.

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