Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A different kind of June

Last year, we were knee deep in farewells, goodbyes, tears, and some very sad days.  This year, we do have wonderful friends who are leaving, I'm thinking of one family specifically who is moving across the world next door to Jerusalem, and another family we'll probably see on our winter trip, and a few others who a disappearing over time this summer, but overall... well, we're feeling like our time in Amman is near its completion.  We have another year, but it will be our year of lasts and tying up loose ends and looking forward to our next adventure.

Looking over the Hail-and-Farewell-End-of-School-Ice-Cream-Social-AECSA-BBQ-Buffet tonight that still had loads of empty tables at 6:30 p.m. I just felt nostalgic for those nights where there weren't enough chairs to gather around the long row of tables, and there were a dozen kids roaming about that belonged to all of us.

You know who you are, we miss you.

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