Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Moscow - Gorky Park Favorite

Gorky Park was such a treat.  Never mind that much of the trailway through the park was blocked off due to the yearly process of turning the walking paths into ice skating paths (how cool is THAT?), but the lake and fall leaves and crisp air and river walk were exactly the change we were looking for coming from Amman.

Right neat the playground we stopped at by the lake there was a vending machine of bird and squirrel snacks.  Bird snacks consisted of milled grains, of course.  Squirrel snack packs held chestnuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and the like.  We stuck to the birds (and the fish).

Clearly a highlight of Nicholas's trip.  Way better than any church.

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  1. Ice skating park pathways sounds like magical winter fun! In the Netherlands, when the canals freeze everyone gets out and skates all over. I like the idea of more secluded park trails - less viewers for every time I would most probably wipe out!