Sunday, August 7, 2016

Figuring out the new place

It's no secret that living in Europe means walking and more walking.  It's awesome.  Probably not as awesome once winter hits, but right now in summery August, pretty awesome. We walk to the grocery store.

We walk around the fun downtown area.

We walk around the fests.  This weekend there were 3 or 4 fests going on.  We went to MainFest on Saturday.

And MedievalFest on Sunday.

Blueberry Mead.

We're figuring out the U Bahn (11Euros for a day pass for up to 5 people, great deal) and the buses, but mostly we walk and walk. 


  1. Between the walking around town and the walking up and down the stairs in the apartment my legs never looks so good. Enjoy Frankfurt!

  2. We were just in your new town for an extended layover while returning home and loved the freedom and destinations of walking in Frankfurt - even in drizzly rain! Got our fill of Turkish and other ethnic foods. Add in the exercise and ease of transport, we are seriously thinking of bidding there! Looking forward to hearing about your many adventures!

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