Friday, August 26, 2016

HHE = Why do we have all this crap??

Everything but our mattress (which didn't fit through the window) arrived via this cool gadget

Living on the third floor means several things. We get lots of sunshine. We don't have people walking past our door all the time, or hear the building door open and shut a 100x a day. There's no one above us, so no noise there. And at the end of every walk, we get to take on 3 flights of stairs, often with groceries. It's not a bad deal overall.

We unpacked as many boxes as we could while they were coming into the house, which of course meant that by the time the movers were done about 1 p.m. we had stacks upon stacks of boxes still to go through. I know that these items are what makes a house a home, but do we really need to feel this homey?

Three days later and we're making progress.

There's a small cascade of steps that need to happen for this process to finally end, starting with removing the boxes from the living room and getting the growing pile of storage items down to the basement.

Then we can make sure the furniture is how we want it and get the pictures up on the walls. Everyone knows that once the pictures are up, the house is yours.

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  1. Hanging pictures is the magic moment, isn't it!