Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Ian travels a lot for work.  Sometimes we get to tag along. Last week he had a conference in Garmisch, so Nicholas and I trained down over a couple days he had off school.

Our train left at midnight. So, you know, McDonalds.

We each had our own row. Which should have
meant a nice sleep, but alas, 6 hours is still

Free Guitar Hero!

Pretty Garmisch

More pretty Garmisch

No skiing or snowboarding.
Just some serious sledding.
First, the 12-minute gondola up the
Austrian Zugspitz.

Dinner at the restaurant at the top.

Thankfully we sat right next to the fire.

Because we were Soaked Through!

Getting set for our last run down.

All the sleds waiting for people to stop eating.

Ice covered face.  Even without face planting
(which he did), the sleds shot up waves of snow
that coated our entire beings.
At some points, it prevented seeing, feeling our faces,
and breathing.
Fun stuff on a mountain with edges.

Clever way to keep a fire going in a tree trunk.

On the way home we stopped in Munich to
see some old friends from Chennai.
This lovely memorial to The King of Pop
was just kind of... there.

Hi Woodards!

Ready to get home.

Enjoy the snow while we can. Frankfurt doesn't
get much.

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