Friday, March 3, 2017

As quickly as we left Garmisch, we returned...

This time it was due to Jonathon having his "Ski week" break, and what does one due during a ski week?  One snowboards, of course.

I never realized how much sitting is done in snowboarding. I should probably remember that from when Katherine tried it oh-so-many years ago, though Jonathon had quite a bit better luck with it.

He's the one standing near the top of the bunny hill.

And down to the bottom of the bunny hill.
He had a one-day lesson (we didn't stay for the whole week) and it was the day of persistent rain and warm temperatures. He was nearly soaked through, what with all that sitting in slush and being rained on. But still good, and good enough he wants to do it again, so we're thinking maybe when all the kids are home in the winter time we'll go for a full week and have them all do lessons of one sort or another.

We did the night sledding, thing time with ski goggles, but all that rain meant that even the first time down the hill was a mushy sloppy mess.  We didn't upgrade to the wooden sleds, and we should have. Another note for next time when we choose to hurtle 1.5 km down a mountain.  It's only 6€ for the 3 hour rental. We stopped at the "shack" half-way down the hill for dinner and the self-proclaimed best currywurst in Germany.  It was warm and dry, so... claim whatever you want.

The next day, sore all over, we visited Neuschwanstein Castle.

It's kind of... small.

The Castle is easy enough to get to, until you get there. Parking is at the bottom of the hill, buy your tour time tickets, then trek up the hill 1.5km. This did not help the soreness. We seem to like 1.5km though, up and down mountains.  There is an option to take a horse carriage up, but hey, exercise is good. I did wonder how many times they have to use the defibrillator at the waiting area though.

None of us take a good selfie, do we?

In celebration of all the calories we burnt
on the way up.
We drove to Garmisch this time, rather than the train, so we stopped in Stuttgart on the way home to see some friends from Amman. No photo, just forgot. Thanks Dan and Riyadh for a great tour through the San Francisco of Germany, and awesome dinner!

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